Các dạng bài tập chuyển đổi câu liên quan đến các thì

Các bài tập chuyển đổi câu về thì thường hay xuất hiện trong các đề thi quốc gia. Với mục đích giúp các em học sinh có thêm tài liệu và bài tập để luyện tập, thay mặt tổ Ngoại ngữ, tôi mạn phép được đưa ra một số công thức phổ biến như sau:


S + began/ started + V-ing/ To V …….. in+time/ time+ago       

S +    have/has + Ved/3……………..     since/ for + time

                have/ has + been + V-ing……. 


      Ex:   I started learning English five years ago

                   I have been studying English for five years


         S + have/ has + (not) + Ved/3…… for + time

It’s + time + since + S + (last) + Ved/2


      Ex:    I haven’t seen him for two months

                    It’s two months since I last saw him


          S + have/ has + not + Ved/3………for/ since + time

  a. The last time + S + Ved/2……was +   time + ago

                                                                        in + time

      b. S + last + Ved/2 ……      time + ago

                                                    in + time


      Ex:   I haven’t seen him for two moths

               The last time I saw him was two months ago

               I last saw him two months ago


       S + have/ has + not + Ved/3………before

It/this/that is the first time + S + have/ has + Ved/3

      Ex:    I haven’t seen that man here before

                    It is the first time I have seen that man here      


         S + have/ has + never + Ved/3 + such (a/ an) + Adj + N

It/this/that is the + Adj (superlative) + S + have/ has + ever + Ved/3


     Ex:    I’ve never met such an intelligent boy

                  This is the most intelligent boy I’ve ever met


         S + had + hardly + Ved/3 + when + S + Ved/2

Hardly + had + S + Ved/3 + when + S + Ved/2

  S + had + no sooner + Ved/3 + than + S + Ved/2

  =  No sooner + had + S + Ved/3 + than + S + Ved/2

     Ex:  He had hardly seen me when he ran away

                He had no sooner seen me than he ran away


IRewrite these sentences as directed:

1. Mary began playing the piano 4 years ago

Mary has _______________________________________________

2. The last time I went to see them was over a year ago

It __________________________________________

3. It is two weeks since it last rained

It has __________________________________________

4. Jane started keeping a diary five years ago

Jane has _________________________________________

5. I last went swimming in 2001

I have ______________________________________________

6. We haven’t seen Tom since he moved to London

We last ____________________________________________

7. My father hasn’t driven a car before

It’s ____________________________________________________

8. She has never been to the ballet dancing before

This is ___________________________________________________

9. Before he watched TV, he had done all his exercises

After _____________________________________________________

10. This is the first time I have ever met such a famous person

I’ve _____________________________________________________


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